Please Watch Me

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Hi honey, I’m Patty Michova. I really like this pink nightie, it makes my cleavage look so full and tight, and I like showing that to big tits porn fans. Let me stick this vibrator between them like where your cock would go. Now let me put it down a little lower… Oops! My titties are falling out, but you don’t mind, do you? The feeling of a vibe against my nipple is so intense, it shoots heat right down to my shaved pussy, so I’d better take care of that first. Please, please watch! Whew, now that I feel a little better, let’s take care of that boner of yours. I love to push my juggs together so they jump out at you. Maybe you want to come in close for a lick? Oh silly me, we’re separated by a screen, but that doesn’t stop your imagination, does it? So lick my titties, honey, while I play some more with my vibe… lick ?em, lick ?em, lick ?em! I’m so hot I even want you to lick my bare feet too if you’d like! Feel better now? I know I do!

Your Invitation To A Breasty Buffet!